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Prison Bus Escape

You and your fellow inmates have one hour to escape the bus transporting you to your life sentence at Alcatraz. With the aid of Al Capone's crew, see if you and your fellow felons have what it takes to escape.

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Escape Rate: 19%

Best Time: 38 min

Zombie Panic

The Zombie Apocalypse is behind us, the human race is nearly extinct. You and a nearby team of survivors are the remaining few that have not been infected and joined the ranks of the zombie apocalypse. Discover and solve a series of covert clues intended to aid your progression. Communicate and collaborate efficiently or fall prey to the surrounding zombies. The fate of the human race depends upon your survival.

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Escape Rate: 34%

Best Time: 54 min


You find yourself trapped by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. In order to escape from the Dark Lord’s clutches you must find the six Horcruxes hidden within the school's grounds. As Vol—He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named greatly fears their destruction, find them quickly and you may yet escape! Your former Headmaster has left clues in and around the school’s grounds to help you locate each Horcrux. Collaborate with your fellow witches and wizards as you seek to solve the hidden mysteries. Beware of other dangers as you search the grounds – books and cleverness will only bring you so far. You must hurry!

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Escape Rate: 44%

Best Time: 40 min

The Row

You are being held on death row, agonizingly awaiting the electric chair.  The prison has proven to be escape-proof, until now. Your contacts on the outside have placed a series of clues to aid in your escape. Watch out for laser security trip wires and a dangerous serial killer as you problem-solve your way out of our most difficult escape room yet.

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Escape Rate: 22%

Best Time: 52 min


Brought to you by BYUtv's Extinct; a new head to head escape challenge. Can you cooperate with your team to escape before your archenemies solve their puzzles?

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Escape Rate: 45%

Best Time: min


There’s a house at the end of the street, one where the air goes cold and stale as you walk by. Abandoned and boarded there has never been a reason to enter…until she returned – or, some part of her returned. Presumed dead, Chloe had been missing for 30 years and now she’s home and want’s to play. Do you dare enter our most terrifying room yet?

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Escape Rate: %

Best Time: min

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