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      Draper, UT


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      The New World Awaits

      This is not the afterlife. This is earth long after human extinction. Aliens annihilated your species over 400 years ago, but you and your friends have been reconstituted at the prime of your lives. Your original genes have been altered to increase your chance of survival; however, half of you have been infected with a virus that has distorted your sense of morals and values. The rest of you are fighting to restore humanity despite your opponents’ efforts to infect others and interrupt your mission. The new world awaits. Your second chance begins now. Good luck.

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      This room has a maximum capicity of 10 participants


      You will be given 1 hour to escape the room.


      No age restriction. Participation is left up to your own discretion.


      45% of participants complete this room. The room's difficulty is moderate.

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      Location: Draper, Utah

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      *Please Note: This is a competition room. Depending on the size of your group you will be split up to compete against each other.

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