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      Draper, UT


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      Ready to risk it all?

      You and your pirate crew have set out on an adventurous voyage across the sea. Along your travels you come to spot an abandoned vessel. As you approach, you notice the name of the ship in the distance, the Sunken Jewels. Thought to only be a legend, this vessel is where the famous pirate - Captain Calico - has locked away all his gold & treasures. You scallywags must make haste to unveil the secrets of the Sunken Jewels in 30 minutes and claim the treasure before the raging storm capsizes the ship and leaves your crew lost at sea.

      Room Details


      This room can accomodate 2-5 participants.


      You will be given 30 minutes to escape the room.


      No age restriction. Participation is left up to your own discretion.


      45% of participants complete this room. The room's difficulty is moderate.

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      Location: Draper, Utah

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